This is an Alder parquet table top.  It was made on elevated runners in three pieces to cover a pool table and convert it to a formal dining room table.

This is a three leaf table top to cover an existing pool table.  The in-lay is a hand cut alder with a 6" molding to cover the billiards pockets.

This walnut table started life as my next door neighbor in Cleora, Oklahoma.  A developer decided it would be a good idea to clear cut the property and build stadium style housing overlooking Grand Lake.  What a shame.....  The smaller trees had no value to a mill so they were relegated to a burn pile.  Mark Harris was kind enough to loan me his back hoe where i could take the rejects and send them to a mill to be squared and re-used for something. 

In Process: beginning of walnut table.  Shoving a tree through the band saw.

Photo by Adam Murphy Photography

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