This is the complete restoration of a custom built open rowboat. The fiberglass rowboat is modelled after the hull of a Seaford Skiff, a wooden, recreational sailboat built by Paul Ketchum of Amityville, NY and introduced into the Great South Bay off Long Island, New York in the 1940’s. The restoration included a new gel-coat of the fiberglass hull plus improvements and detailing to the mahogany gunwales, bowsprit, transom, and seats. The owner’s boat was originally built in the late 1960’s for his father by a boatyard in Amityville. It is one of only three built at that time.
Photo credits; Caty Smith
Woodwork is almost complete. The only remaining original piece is the stem section on the bow.
You can never have enough camps. Gunwale lamination in process using a bunch of clamps and a thickened epoxy.
Interior ground and fresh gel coat
Fresh Gelcoat polished from 120 grit all the way thru 3,000 grit. After that is complete 2 more polish steps.
Smelly business of application.
So many layers of marine body filler. Apply, sand away, re-apply, sand away. And then, repeat again and again until the curves are fair and sweet.
Final product is ready for Gelcoat. Notice all of the low spots in green and the highs are bare fiberglass.
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