1973 Chris Craft XK 22.  This boat came from Ebay. (Isn't that where all boats come from?)  I thought a quick paint job and boom' we are going to the lake.

It had rot in the transom, several bad dock dings, and a slew of other issues.

She received a new transom, stringers, engine, serpentine drive/ component update, outdrive conversion to a Mercury Bravo X, interior, windshields, chrome, and of course, an obligatory floor using mahogany and maple. 

New teak engine stringers epoxied to the existing stringers.  The next step was to layer 6oz cloth and blend in.  Then .25" stainless saddles were built to accommodate the big block Mercury engine

New marine plywood after being shaped to fit, was then epoxied into place with a thickened batch.  Each layer was sandwiched with a layer of 6oz fiberglass cloth.  The new total thickness was 2.25" to accommodate the bravo inner transom plate and gimble housing. 

This is the new transom with outdrive.  The boat is now being hung over it's new trailer for a custom fit.

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