This was a great commission. We were tasked with building a grove of Italian poplars trees. This is the result. They are two sided 18gauge carbon steel. After creasing and bending we've welded in the stand pipe then textured it to mimic a trunk.
Once the pipe is inserted, the two sides are then welded together. After that we've crushed the tree in a 20 ton press to pucker it out.
14 feet tall. It's nice to have a reference
This piece was built to replicate a Korean blanket chest. I've used 1" thick walnut with hand cut dovetails to assemble. The hardware was hand forged and given a bronze patina to remain consistent.
Once assembled, the box was hand hewn and finished with a beeswax/linseed oil finish.
And then VOILA, the tv pops out as this rests at the foot of the clients bed. The lift mechanism is automated when the tv is turned on. The shelf inside is designed to house the cable box and DVD player.

Tiger maple tallboy cabinet

No nails or screws, assembled only by dovetail joinery, including the

case, glides, and drawer boxes. the antique finish with a hand rubbed beeswax gives the piece a late 1800's feel

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